“Unlock your body's potential and embrace the joy of movement”

My name is Lenka Svobodová, and I've dedicated my life to the world of fitness, body mobility, stretching, flexibility, and Qigong. After a rewarding 20-year career as a management assistant, I decided to pursue my true passion for sports and wellness. Transforming this passion into a profession has been a dream come true, and I believe there's no better job than helping others embark on their fitness journeys.

My Approach:

I firmly believe that "pleasure in movement" is the ultimate goal in fitness. I often quote the phrase, “movement is medicine” emphasising the transformative power of physical activity in our lives. My mission is to inspire and guide individuals to experience the joy of movement, unlock their potential, and achieve their fitness goals.

Why Choose Me:

With a knack for excellent social and communication skills, I have a proven track record of quickly motivating and engaging people. My enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious, making fitness not only accessible but enjoyable for all.

Let's Connect:

I'm passionate about connecting with like-minded individuals, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone looking to embark on a healthier, more active lifestyle. Whether you're interested in fitness guidance, collaboration opportunities, or simply sharing your fitness journey, I'd love to connect with you.

Join me in the pursuit of a healthier, happier life through the joy of movement. Together, we can achieve remarkable fitness goals and experience the transformative power of "movement as medicine."

Let's connect, inspire, and move forward!

Personal Trainer